19 Dec 2015

EU demands that dishonest David Cameron has abandoned

David Cameron talks a good game.

He pulls that face of confected grave sincerity as he delivers his sermons to the people. But the words he utters are meaningless because no matter what promises and assurances he offers, he rarely keeps them.

Some examples of this Cameronian habit of casual untruthfulness surfaced in the Telegraph on Thursday, regarding various pledges he has made about the demands he would make of the EU. It's by no means an exhaustive list and some of the items on there are somewhat irrelevant in the overall scheme of things.

The real value of the piece is how it demonstrates Cameron's rank dishonesty.

In Cameron we have a man who has initiated a UK negotiation with the EU, on exclusively personal terms, that deliberately ignore the fundamental problem with EU membership (democracy and accountability), and who will not even stick to the pledges he has made to the public.

David Cameron is a pathological liar who cannot be trusted.

As the piece shows, his public pronouncements are a ramshackle hut built on quicksand. They are mood music pledges that he never has any intention of keeping. It is all part of his effort to carry people along in the drama of the moment to mute opposition and get his own way.

In the referendum campaign it isn't the EU that is our opponent, it is David Cameron, a man who will do and say anything to keep Britain firmly anchored in the EU. The way people vote will largely be determined by whether or not they believe what Cameron tells them about the deal he eventually presents. We should continually remind people they would be making a judgement based on the words of a liar.